Stax Earspeakers


London Audio is now stocking these wonderfully engineered earspeakers (headphones) from this legendary Japanese Company.  If you desire the speed and transparency of an electrostatic speaker but can't live with the size, placement and electronics they demand then Stax earspeakers are the  perfect cure. They are perhaps the most accurate and revealing transducers ever produced.

Meridian DACs


London Audio is proud to be offering two wonderful USB DACs from the legendary Meridian company.  The Explorer and Director offer top tier digital conversion in a wonderfully designed compact package that will please many of our clientele. Come in today and take a look and have a seat to listen.

SONOS PLAY:1 Now Shipping!



PLAY:1’s custom-designed 3.5” mid-woofer and tweeter, each with a dedicated amplifier, deliver rich, powerful sound, with crystal clear highs and deep, rolling lows for pitch-perfect HiFi music.

Don't have your smartphone handy? The top controls on the PLAY:1 allow to play/pause or skip ahead with a single touch as well as control the volume. 


The PLAY:1 is designed to resist humidity so it will be right at home in your bathroom and being so compact it can be easily placed on the smaller shelves to be up and out of the way. The PLAY:1 is not waterproof or water resistant.  

The new Sonos Playbar is now in stock at London's Sonos Headquarters


Our customers just love their Sonos Music systems. It’s the easiest and most convenient way to listen to music in your home.  This week Sonos released a brand new product called Playbar @$749 that will improve the sound of your TV and give you the best way to access your music available. 

sonos-playbar photo 2.jpg

Playbar is more than just an ordinary sound bar It contains nine speakers, each with their own amplifier. It will envelope you in simulated surround and offers full range performance for rewarding music. If you want to enhance the performance you can just add the Sonos wireless subwoofer for real movie theatre bass.  BEST OF ALL... if you want true 


surround sound you can add a pair of Sonos Play 3 wireless speakers for real 5.1 surround sound.

sonos play playbar photo 3.jpg

There is no other soundbar in the world that can provide wireless surround sound like Playbar.  Of course the Sonos Playbar is fully compatible with every other Sonos music system. It can become part of a 32 room whole-house music system with wireless network access to music on your computers, your iPhones or across the internet.  Playbar can be controlled by your iOS or Android device or even your existing TV remote. Visit us today for a demonstration of the best wireless surround sound system available today.

Bryston Model T Loudspeaker

From the company that has given us years of amazing electronic products comes their foray into the world of speakers. And what a foray for Bryston! In each elegant tower of the floor stander  is housed two 1.0" tweeters, dual 5.5" mid-ranges and 3 (yes, 3) 8" base drivers. (The stand mounted Model T Mini is also available with one 1" tweeter, one 5.5" mid-range and a single 8" bass driver)  


Designed to handle the largest of Bryston amps to low wattage amps, the Model T travels smoothly with the music no matter what is driving them. Bryston's goal with the Model T was to create a speaker that offers the listener a superior "suspension of disbelief." A speaker that takes the listener past the recorded medium and "transports them to a live venue" while sitting in their living room. With almost perfect tonal coherence these speakers disappear into a soundstage that is larger than the room, nay, the building they are residing in. 

The online buzz for these speakers has been growing ever since Bryston announced they were going to produce them. The towers come in both a passive and active models, with the active being supplied with an external crossover box. Bryston has clearly spent a gazillion hours tweaking and fiddling to get the right sound for them with the Model T within a price point that is clearly right for a product of this caliber.

Click here for the first magazine review of the Bryston Model T:

Sonus Faber Venere Series

Sonus Fabre Venere 1.5.jpg

Sonus Faber and London Audio bring you the latest is a long tradition of beautiful speakers. The Venere series is a tribute to the fine craftsmanship you find from Italy. Like a Ferrari, it is beautiful to look at but you know that once it gets going it is a dream when driven.  Unlike a Ferrari though, ease of use shines with the Venere series and whatever your set-up, be it 2 channel or home theatre, they will sound formidable. Sonus Faber Venere 1.5 Bookshelf speaker

Sonus Fabre Venere 2.5.jpg

Sonus Faber Venere 2.5 Floor Standing SpeakerUsing a "29 mm high definition precoated fabric dome driver with no ferrofluid" for the tweeter created by the German company DKM and the Sonus Faber designed  Curv™ mid-range and bass drivers promises that where ever you place them they will sound great. Characterized by the Lyre shape, the particular construction of the cabinet, a tribute to their flagship Aida, "provides a solution to the problem of internal spurious resonance and gives a rear aerodynamic profile which prevents criticality with the wall behind the speaker." These elegant speakers (cue WAF music . . . again) are beautiful to look at with top notch finishes and a glass top but the sound will take you to another place. Come into London Audio and give these beauties a listen.

Totem Element Speakers

Totem Acoustic logo.jpg

Situated in Quebec, Totem Acoustics speakers have amazed the audio world with their sometimes off the beaten path designs. From their original Model 1 to the diminutive I-can't-believe-they-sound-so-large Arro, Totem takesTotem Earth and Metal Floor-standing Speakers the simplistic and makes it extraordinary.  Now with their new Element series, Totem brings audio down to earth. Using what they had learned when designing the drivers for their spectacular on-wall Tribe series, Totem has taken it to the next level incorporating the "no crossover" design with the Element series.


Totem Torrent DriverThe hand crafted in-house drivers are a stunning work of audio perfection. "Each driver actually requires 3 hours of machining and 4-hours plus of assembly and testing. This allows for precision usually associated with watch making, not standard woofer manufacturing."


The Element range consists of two floor standing models, two compact models and a centre channel each of which are available in a gleaming 4-coat polyester finishes and can be incorporated with the Tribe series seamlessly for any home theatre application. Totem Fire bookshelf speakerInside and out, the Element series have been lovingly crafted in Canada by a company that truly loves what they do. The sound is natural, the look is unique but familiar and the experience is soulful. Like nature itself, the Element series combines the unexpected with the known and creates a beautiful combination. Come into London Audio today and find out what Element is yours.

Finally, Wireless HDMI that actually works!!!

Hd flow.jpg

We hate to tell people that they can’t  do something.  Unfortunately sending video wirelessly is just one those things you couldn’t do.. until now. The HD Flow by Peerless is the first wireless video sender we have EVER used that truly delivers on the promise of noise free, wireless Video transmission. The flatscreen TV that you always wanted over your fireplace, but was never possible because you didn’t prewire for it, is now a possibility. The video projector that was impossible to install because you couldn’t get a cable from your equipment rack is now a breeze to install. But wait, there’s more.  The HD flow also allows you to control your source components in another room. It has a built in infrared remote control repeater that will let you operate your cable box or AV receiver even if its hidden in a closet. Still not versatile enough? You can also use it to connect your PC or old VCR and a second HDMI source because the HD Flow is also a video switcher.  The HD Flow opens the door to a world of installations that are now possible.

Naim Audio Unitiqute


Connect with your music like never before

It's a cliche we know, but good things come in small packages. The UnitiQute all-in-one audio player however isn't just good: it's a brilliant-sounding, uniquely versatile, seductively compact and, of course, irresistibly cute example of what contemporary music in the home is all about. Music downloads, high-resolution music files, internet radio, network music, UPnP servers, iPod/MP3 players, Wi-Fi streaming - everything that the new era of music delivery can throw at it, UnitiQute can play.

Music for everyone

Just like NaimUniti, its multi-award-winning sibling, UnitiQute is right at the forefront of modern music delivery technology, and its significance for music enthusiasts of all aspirations is far greater than the simple sum of its component parts. For the committed enthusiast with an existing Naim setup, UnitiQute can not only deliver exceptional Naim music-making as a second system, but also play the role of gateway to all the new digital music delivery formats - from USB memory sticks, UPnP streaming to internet radio. For the more casual listener, UnitiQute can take the place of both the old hi-fi system and the iPod dock, sound far better than either, and at the same time introduce new worlds of audio ripe for exploration.

Small box... Big on features

For starters, UnitiQute includes a preamplifier with two analogue inputs, five 24bit/192kHz-capable digital inputs and all the traditional Naim musical clarity and transparency. Next, UnitiQute includes a muscular power amplifier that provides all the rhythmic punch and definition you would expect from Naim. You want conventional radio? Well, UnitiQute includes FM and DAB tuners that get the best possible performance from either format. UnitiQute is happy also to play music from an iPod or MP3 player via its front panel-mounted USB socket. The USB audio connection is digital so iPod sound quality is optimised, and Apple authenticated too so compatibility is seamless. And the same USB socket can be used to play music files in almost any format at up to 24bit/96kHz resolution straight from a memory stick. And it doesn't end there. A network Ethernet socket and integrated Wi-Fi means that, along with everything else, UnitiQute can easily tap into Internet radio or UPnP servers, a Naim HDX for example, to drop almost unlimited music choices right into your lap. Talk about cute.

Easy access to your music

Bringing everything audio, digital and analogue together is one thing, but making it all work seamlessly together is something else entirely. UnitiQute is controlled by a dedicated remote handset in combination with a large, clear display. The UnitiQute user interface borrows the principles of intuition and accessibility, and much of the substance, from the already proven NaimUniti interface. The interface is clear, intuitive, uncluttered and makes light work of access to UnitiQute's remarkable versatility and performance. And an iPhone/iPod Touch Uniti control App, expected early in 2010 will enhance the UnitiQute experience still further and raise its brilliance yet another notch.

Then there are the multi-room audio opportunities that UnitiQute opens up. With a UPnP server, a wireless network router and a UnitiQute you have a very high performance hi-fi system with access to almost limitless music. Add a second, or even a third UnitiQute and you have a multi-room hi-fi system that installs effortlessly, is easily modified and sounds outstanding.

Bowers and Wilkins PM-1 speakers


The PM-1 fills a void that was created when the Reference 800 series was upgraded to the Diamond 800 series. Each model in that line enjoyed a quantum improvement in performance but it also moved the price of each model up as well. That put the cost of acquiring an entry level pair of 800 series speakers out of the reach of many consumers. Thankfully we now have the PM1. At $3,000.00 MSRP it fills the price point left by the Nautilus 800. If you think it bears a striking resemblance to the Nautilus series you would be correct.  At this price Bowers and Wilkins could not use a diamond tweeter but have devised a new carbon stiffened dome that results in treble extension beyond 40Khz and a stunning, open sound that allows these mini-monitors to disappear into any room.  They have become an instant hit with staff and customers.

Linn Majik Isobarik Speakers

majik isobarik.jpg

The Majik Isobarik is a re-invention of an old favourite. Thirty five years after Ivor Tiefenbrun invented Linn’s original Isobarik loudspeaker, breakthroughs in acoustic development and manufacturing have enabled us to bring back this much-loved loudspeaker design, reinvented to meet the demands of today’s discerning listener.

The new Majik Isobarik uses twin ‘face-to-face’ bass drivers, mounted at the bottom of the cabinet and working in tandem to produce very deep and controlled bass from a relatively compact enclosure. Linn’s new Isobarik technology is combined with our latest playback developments, including the 2K driver array, to create a perfectly even sound response throughout the room.

An inspired new crossover design and ingenious bass mounting solution has enabled Linn to build a fantastic all-round loudspeaker which will appeal to everyone, whatever their taste in music.  This full range loudspeaker with a genuine subwoofer is well within reach of many. It maintains the unmistakable musical character of a Linn loudspeaker but thanks to the Isobarik bass system, it packs a powerful punch at the low end too.

Isobarik dms.jpeg

The original Linn Isobarik DMS "bookshelf speaker"

Sonos Play3 wireless music System

Position the PLAY:3 any way you want it.

Of course, just because Sonos designed the PLAY:3 with a diminutive footprint doesn’t mean they left out big Sonos sound. The PLAY:3 features three speakers powered  by three dedicated digital amps, so you’ll be able to enjoy the Sonos’s signature HiFi quality. And like the PLAY:5 before it, our newest player also offers Stereo Pair Mode, which means that if you have two in one room, you can designate one as the left channel and the other as the right for even bigger stereo sound.

Additionally, the PLAY:3 offers a unique feature that detects if the unit is positioned vertically or horizontally and then modifies the speaker’s output to ensure clean and balanced audio output. In horizontal mode, you may notice a wider stereo response, while in vertical mode, music may sound brighter on the highs and crisper on the mids.

Adding to the PLAY:3s versatility is an integrated, threaded mounting hole, which allows you to easily mount the player on the wall or under a cabinet using a suitable mounting bracket (sold separately).

With the PLAY:3, Sonos continues to expand on its vision of making it easy for people to fill their homes with all the music on earth, whether it comes from their personal music libraries or one of our many music partners. As with the other products in the Sonos Wireless HiFi System, the PLAY:3 is super simple to set up and connects wirelessly to all other Sonos components. And it can be controlled wirelessly from the comfort of your couch, using any Sonos Controller – including free apps for your Android smartphone, iPhone, or iPad.

Finally, Sonos is introducing the PLAY:3 with an affordable price tag to make it even easier for people to expand existing Sonos systems or start a new one. The PLAY:3 goes on sale today for $329.99.

Bowers and Wilkins Zeppelin Air

 The world's best sounding iPod dock just got a whole lot better.   I don't know what's more exciting, the upgraded audio quality or the addition of Apple Airplay.  It’s a fully active 2.1 design, which means that all five units are individually driven by dedicated audiophile amplifiers, which are specially designed by Bowers & Wilkins. The improved 4x25W + 1x50W output powers updated drive units, for a truly room-filling performance.  

Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air is equipped with Apple AirPlay® technology so users can easily stream music wirelessly from iTunes®, iPhone®, iPad® or iPod® touch.  its the only dock where you don't really need to dock your music. You can walk into your house, pull out your iPhone and send the music wirelessly to the Zeppelin Air and then put your phone back into your pocket.  Want to throw a party, just launch iTunes on your computer and send the music to a Zeppelin Air in the kitchen, one in the family room and one out by the pool.  Using Aiplay the Zeppelin Air can create a whole house audio system.

REGA RP-1 turntable

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The Rega RP1 is the iPad 2 of turntables. It is the industry benchmark  delivering top performance for the money and unique style.  LIke the iPad, the Rega RP1 has just undergone a major upgrade in build quality and overall performance while staying at it’s remarkably low price.  Unfortunately, just like the iPad 2, Canadians have had to wait to take delivery of this latest musical gem.  It seems unlikely to many that vinyl playback has undergone an enormous resurgence, but thousands  of people lovers are rediscovering the pleasure and sonic advantages of spinning records again.  Last year in the United Kingdom turntables actually outsold dedicated CD players for the first time in almost two decades.  Unlike Apple, Rega can’t put the heat on its contract factories to crank up production. Every Rega RP1 is hand crafted by Rega in the United Kingdom by skilled machinists, wood workers and electronics technicians. You just can’t rush craftsmanship.  The good news is the RP1 is finally available to give your record collection a whole new leas on life.


Record Cleaning machine


unlike other machines of this type;

  • Built-in safety features prevent fluid being sucked into the vaccum motor and the turntable motor overheating.
  • Made in Germany with the highest build values.
  • Cool running turntable motor allows for hours of use, no need for noisy fans.
  • Forward and reverse motor for 'scrubbing' action.
  • Quiet vacuum motor.
  • Auto shut-off should the user forget to drain down reservoir.
  • Vacuum tubes for 10" and 7" records available.
  • Comes complete with concentrate and brush.

B&W CM-9 speakers

The CM Series has proven to be on of Bowers and Wilkins most successful ranges ever, popular with both music and home theater enthusiasts alike around the globe. Each model has offered a very high performance/value ratio. The handsome appearance and impressive build quality plus a strong measure of the legendary 800 series technologies has been a magic combination.

Now, B&W is pleased to add a further model to this very successful series in the form of the new floor-standing CM8, replacing the CM7. The CM8 utilizes the same 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter, operating in B&W’s renowned Nautilus™-technology tapered-tube enclosure, that is found throughout the CM line—and is world-famous for its extended, ultra-low-coloration treble.

A 5-inch version of the family’s woven-Kevlar® FST™ midrange unit, capable of extraordinary dynamic feats and class-leading low distortion, contributes virtually perfect mid/treble integration and extraordinary transparency. Dual 5-inch low-frequency drivers, operating in a vented enclosure supported by B&W’s proprietary Flowport™ anti-coloration technology, complete the driver complement with impressive extension (-6 dB at 43 Hz) while maintaining the dynamically quick transient detail heard from B&W’s best smaller-driver designs.

Versatility is also a CM8 core attribute. The new model stands on its own as a superb stereo reproducer ready for the most critical music lover, but is equally at home in a high-achieving/high-value home-theater suite. As such it is ideally voice-matched to the CM Center, with CM1s at the surround positions. Deep-bass reinforcement, whether for home-theater impact or unrestricted musical aspirations, is readily at hand in the forms of the ASWCM10 or even the imposing ASWCM12 where ultimate extension is required.

While B&W has always and will always put sonic performance first and foremost, it recognizes the critical importance to the overall ownership experience of form and visual appeal. The CM8’s slender column and compact plinth present an almost mathematically ideal set of proportions, all clothed in the meticulous, world-leading fit-and-finish Bowers & Wilkins has made famous. Hand rubbed gloss black lacquer is available, as are selected-grain, craftsman-finished Wenge and Rosenut real-wood veneers. Set off with “frameless,” close-knit black grilles the overall CM8 effect is quiet, stylish, and powerfully pleasing.

REL Acoustics Ltd. introduces the all-new G1 Sub-Bass System
The G1 features REL’s most recent exposition on amplifier topology, driver technology and operational interface. Housed within a sumptuous furniture-grade enclosure finished in gloss piano black lacquer resides a massive 12” long-throw carbon fibre driver, 600 watt Class A/B power amplifier and the award-winning REL connectivity suite providing the most flexible and sonically transparent integration, weight and low-frequency authority to the main loudspeaker system. Employing an extensively braced enclosure sculpted in a truly sensuous shape, the G1 is massive, yet elegant. While it is physically commanding, its finely tuned shape finished in furniture-grade hand-rubbed high-gloss piano black lacquer will blend seamlessly into any interior environment. REL’s vast engineering experience is evident in the G1’s power amplifier. Featuring a linear Class A/B topology employing no less than six MOS-FET devices, massive power supplies and transformer there is no mistaking the G1 with a common subwoofer. Execution of build and component part choice is first-class resulting in extensive ruggedness and reliability. Mated to this massive power plant is a tight-wind carbon fibre 12” drive unit capable of an exceptional pistonic stroke of 1-3/4 inches! This costly drive unit was necessary in order to generate the ultimate in loudness required to underpin today’s great high-performance main loudspeakers.

The REL connectivity suite allows for using both high and low level input options. Exclusive to REL is the ability to blend and individually control both signals that, for example is useful in a home cinema system where the sub-bass system must reproduce both main speaker and .1/LFE low frequency content. Additionally, Class-D main power amplifiers cause no problem to the G1 thanks to REL-D™, a proprietary circuit that creates the proper grounding environment for most Class-D amplifiers.

Adding to the overall user experience is the G1’s IR remote control. The unique round disc-shaped remote features three rotary encoder dials that control all adjustments for HI/LO Level, Crossover Frequency and .1/LFE Level. Phase, and Settings Lock are controlled via toggle switches. Located on the bottom front of the G1’s enclosure is a large, bright LED readout providing a visual indication of all the G1’s current settings. Now, for the first time, setup and adjustment can be done from the comfort of you listening position.

When too much is not enough, the REL G1 has included connectivity to allow multiple units to be used in conjunction with one another either in stereo pairs or vertically stacked towers. Doing so results in huge wave fronts of air, conveying the true power and majesty of a musical or film sound event effortlessly.

Classe Audio CT-2300 power amplifier

CT amplifiers come with their own adjustable rack rails and a separate faceplate designed to conceal all mounting hardware along the sides of the rack. The rails adapt easily to common rack depths while providing front to back support of the chassis. Hidden inside, our unique Intelligent Cooling Tunnel, or ICTunnel™ (pronounced Icy Tunnel) architecture and related circuitry quietly controls the amplifier temperature, ensuring optimum performance and reliability in enclosed, poorly ventilated environments.

Conventional high-end amplifiers use heatsinks with high thermal mass that rely on convection to cool the active circuits. They are slow to heat up and slow to cool down. Eventually they heat up their environment and as the air around them gets hotter, they become part of the problem. For this reason, high-powered amps and racks or cabinets don’t easily mix.

Conventional heatsinks are simply shaped pieces of metal, relying on placement and ambient air to extract heat from the amplifier. The ICTunnel™ is more sophisticated, acting like the human hypothalamus regulating body temperature. The ICTunnel™ utilizes an aluminum bonded-fin heatsink, of the kind used in high powered medical, laser and test equipment. It exploits the principle of low thermal mass, so it heats quickly but can also be cooled quickly. Inside its relatively small size are fins providing nearly 31 square feet of surface area. The key to its operation is how the fins are spaced—as close as possible to each other to maximize the surface area inside the tunnel, but not so close as to heat each other. The ICTunnel™ utilizes a noiseless fan along with pressure and temperature sensors to maintain the amplifier’s target temperature.

The CT series has everything you would expect from the world’s best amplifiers. They are designed for lifetime reliability. They have the power to effortlessly control the lowest impedances imaginable. They have the finesse to resolve the infinitely minute details that are the DNA of great sound. But CT amplifiers add a new dimension. For the first time the world’s best amplifiers can go right where you need them – in the home theater rack.