The new Sonos Playbar is now in stock at London's Sonos Headquarters


Our customers just love their Sonos Music systems. It’s the easiest and most convenient way to listen to music in your home.  This week Sonos released a brand new product called Playbar @$749 that will improve the sound of your TV and give you the best way to access your music available. 

sonos-playbar photo 2.jpg

Playbar is more than just an ordinary sound bar It contains nine speakers, each with their own amplifier. It will envelope you in simulated surround and offers full range performance for rewarding music. If you want to enhance the performance you can just add the Sonos wireless subwoofer for real movie theatre bass.  BEST OF ALL... if you want true 


surround sound you can add a pair of Sonos Play 3 wireless speakers for real 5.1 surround sound.

sonos play playbar photo 3.jpg

There is no other soundbar in the world that can provide wireless surround sound like Playbar.  Of course the Sonos Playbar is fully compatible with every other Sonos music system. It can become part of a 32 room whole-house music system with wireless network access to music on your computers, your iPhones or across the internet.  Playbar can be controlled by your iOS or Android device or even your existing TV remote. Visit us today for a demonstration of the best wireless surround sound system available today.