Bryston Model T Loudspeaker

From the company that has given us years of amazing electronic products comes their foray into the world of speakers. And what a foray for Bryston! In each elegant tower of the floor stander  is housed two 1.0" tweeters, dual 5.5" mid-ranges and 3 (yes, 3) 8" base drivers. (The stand mounted Model T Mini is also available with one 1" tweeter, one 5.5" mid-range and a single 8" bass driver)  


Designed to handle the largest of Bryston amps to low wattage amps, the Model T travels smoothly with the music no matter what is driving them. Bryston's goal with the Model T was to create a speaker that offers the listener a superior "suspension of disbelief." A speaker that takes the listener past the recorded medium and "transports them to a live venue" while sitting in their living room. With almost perfect tonal coherence these speakers disappear into a soundstage that is larger than the room, nay, the building they are residing in. 

The online buzz for these speakers has been growing ever since Bryston announced they were going to produce them. The towers come in both a passive and active models, with the active being supplied with an external crossover box. Bryston has clearly spent a gazillion hours tweaking and fiddling to get the right sound for them with the Model T within a price point that is clearly right for a product of this caliber.

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