Totem Element Speakers

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Situated in Quebec, Totem Acoustics speakers have amazed the audio world with their sometimes off the beaten path designs. From their original Model 1 to the diminutive I-can't-believe-they-sound-so-large Arro, Totem takesTotem Earth and Metal Floor-standing Speakers the simplistic and makes it extraordinary.  Now with their new Element series, Totem brings audio down to earth. Using what they had learned when designing the drivers for their spectacular on-wall Tribe series, Totem has taken it to the next level incorporating the "no crossover" design with the Element series.


Totem Torrent DriverThe hand crafted in-house drivers are a stunning work of audio perfection. "Each driver actually requires 3 hours of machining and 4-hours plus of assembly and testing. This allows for precision usually associated with watch making, not standard woofer manufacturing."


The Element range consists of two floor standing models, two compact models and a centre channel each of which are available in a gleaming 4-coat polyester finishes and can be incorporated with the Tribe series seamlessly for any home theatre application. Totem Fire bookshelf speakerInside and out, the Element series have been lovingly crafted in Canada by a company that truly loves what they do. The sound is natural, the look is unique but familiar and the experience is soulful. Like nature itself, the Element series combines the unexpected with the known and creates a beautiful combination. Come into London Audio today and find out what Element is yours.