Linn Majik Isobarik Speakers

majik isobarik.jpg

The Majik Isobarik is a re-invention of an old favourite. Thirty five years after Ivor Tiefenbrun invented Linn’s original Isobarik loudspeaker, breakthroughs in acoustic development and manufacturing have enabled us to bring back this much-loved loudspeaker design, reinvented to meet the demands of today’s discerning listener.

The new Majik Isobarik uses twin ‘face-to-face’ bass drivers, mounted at the bottom of the cabinet and working in tandem to produce very deep and controlled bass from a relatively compact enclosure. Linn’s new Isobarik technology is combined with our latest playback developments, including the 2K driver array, to create a perfectly even sound response throughout the room.

An inspired new crossover design and ingenious bass mounting solution has enabled Linn to build a fantastic all-round loudspeaker which will appeal to everyone, whatever their taste in music.  This full range loudspeaker with a genuine subwoofer is well within reach of many. It maintains the unmistakable musical character of a Linn loudspeaker but thanks to the Isobarik bass system, it packs a powerful punch at the low end too.

Isobarik dms.jpeg

The original Linn Isobarik DMS "bookshelf speaker"