REGA RP-1 turntable

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The Rega RP1 is the iPad 2 of turntables. It is the industry benchmark  delivering top performance for the money and unique style.  LIke the iPad, the Rega RP1 has just undergone a major upgrade in build quality and overall performance while staying at it’s remarkably low price.  Unfortunately, just like the iPad 2, Canadians have had to wait to take delivery of this latest musical gem.  It seems unlikely to many that vinyl playback has undergone an enormous resurgence, but thousands  of people lovers are rediscovering the pleasure and sonic advantages of spinning records again.  Last year in the United Kingdom turntables actually outsold dedicated CD players for the first time in almost two decades.  Unlike Apple, Rega can’t put the heat on its contract factories to crank up production. Every Rega RP1 is hand crafted by Rega in the United Kingdom by skilled machinists, wood workers and electronics technicians. You just can’t rush craftsmanship.  The good news is the RP1 is finally available to give your record collection a whole new leas on life.