Finally, Wireless HDMI that actually works!!!

Hd flow.jpg

We hate to tell people that they can’t  do something.  Unfortunately sending video wirelessly is just one those things you couldn’t do.. until now. The HD Flow by Peerless is the first wireless video sender we have EVER used that truly delivers on the promise of noise free, wireless Video transmission. The flatscreen TV that you always wanted over your fireplace, but was never possible because you didn’t prewire for it, is now a possibility. The video projector that was impossible to install because you couldn’t get a cable from your equipment rack is now a breeze to install. But wait, there’s more.  The HD flow also allows you to control your source components in another room. It has a built in infrared remote control repeater that will let you operate your cable box or AV receiver even if its hidden in a closet. Still not versatile enough? You can also use it to connect your PC or old VCR and a second HDMI source because the HD Flow is also a video switcher.  The HD Flow opens the door to a world of installations that are now possible.