Samson Audio Portable PA system

We have been installing commercial sound systems and PA system for decades but we don't normally stock or display any of the professional systems we sell. We have received many requests from our customers for a compact, easy to use PA system they can take with them. When Samson Audio introduced the new 40i and 40iw we knew it was the perfect problem solver for lots of our customers.  These remarkable little systems use a high output 6 inch woofer and horn tweeter with a built in 40watt amplifier, three channel mixer and ipod docking station to provide terrific sound from an enclosure a little bit bigger than a bread box.  The 40iw adds a wireless hand-held microphone to the mix with a built in receiver.

The 40i and 40iw are perfectly suited for lecturers, teachers, fitness, dance or skating instructors.  Did we mention that they  also have built in rechargeable batteries?  We suppose you could use it for street busking but we thought most of our customers would probably be more inclined to use it in the back yard or around the pool. The 40i is capable of filling a back yard with rich sound.

The best part is the ridiculously low price.  The Samson 40i is only $315.00 and the 40iw with wireless microphone is only $429.00. So whether you are an instructor, performer or just looking for some crankin' tunes out by the pool you need to check out the Samson 40i

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