Totem Acoustics Returns to London Audio


It was 1990 when we discovered Totem Acoustics and the now legendary Model One. It was love at first sight.  It was just the right speaker for its time.  A compact mini-monitor offering spacious imaging, shocking dynamics and controlled, articulate bass.   This one speaker launched a remarkable company and an entire series of best in class, high performance monitors.

Fast forward twenty years.  The audio world has changed and so have our customers.  Black, powder coated speaker stands the size of I-beams have fallen out of favour. Locating speakers six feet out into the room no longer takes priority over interior design. But a desire for great music never subsides.

Once again Totem Acoustics has created a line of speakers that will define a category: Audiophile on-wall speakers.  Most on-wall speakers are created with one goal in mind- look pretty next to a flat panel TV. The Totem Tribe speakers have raised the bar creating a whole new category of architectural speakers.  The Tribe speakers offer musical presentation, imaging and dynamics that hold  their own against stand mounted or floor standing speakers.  Unable to find drivers that could provide big-box performance in a compact enclosure, Totem created entirely new bass drivers unlike anything on the market today.   Listen to the Tribes and discover how you can indulge in  uncompromised sound with uncompromised aesthetics.