B&W CM-9 speakers

The CM Series has proven to be on of Bowers and Wilkins most successful ranges ever, popular with both music and home theater enthusiasts alike around the globe. Each model has offered a very high performance/value ratio. The handsome appearance and impressive build quality plus a strong measure of the legendary 800 series technologies has been a magic combination.

Now, B&W is pleased to add a further model to this very successful series in the form of the new floor-standing CM8, replacing the CM7. The CM8 utilizes the same 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter, operating in B&W’s renowned Nautilus™-technology tapered-tube enclosure, that is found throughout the CM line—and is world-famous for its extended, ultra-low-coloration treble.

A 5-inch version of the family’s woven-Kevlar® FST™ midrange unit, capable of extraordinary dynamic feats and class-leading low distortion, contributes virtually perfect mid/treble integration and extraordinary transparency. Dual 5-inch low-frequency drivers, operating in a vented enclosure supported by B&W’s proprietary Flowport™ anti-coloration technology, complete the driver complement with impressive extension (-6 dB at 43 Hz) while maintaining the dynamically quick transient detail heard from B&W’s best smaller-driver designs.

Versatility is also a CM8 core attribute. The new model stands on its own as a superb stereo reproducer ready for the most critical music lover, but is equally at home in a high-achieving/high-value home-theater suite. As such it is ideally voice-matched to the CM Center, with CM1s at the surround positions. Deep-bass reinforcement, whether for home-theater impact or unrestricted musical aspirations, is readily at hand in the forms of the ASWCM10 or even the imposing ASWCM12 where ultimate extension is required.

While B&W has always and will always put sonic performance first and foremost, it recognizes the critical importance to the overall ownership experience of form and visual appeal. The CM8’s slender column and compact plinth present an almost mathematically ideal set of proportions, all clothed in the meticulous, world-leading fit-and-finish Bowers & Wilkins has made famous. Hand rubbed gloss black lacquer is available, as are selected-grain, craftsman-finished Wenge and Rosenut real-wood veneers. Set off with “frameless,” close-knit black grilles the overall CM8 effect is quiet, stylish, and powerfully pleasing.