High-End turntable interest is real

These past few weeks have been fun around here! Prioritizing which "high-end" products to bring in to generate interest always poses a challenge. Turns out, the love and appreciation of good quality gear is real, and the performance of the Linn LP12 and the Mcintosh MT5 don't dissapoint. Not pictured is the Akurate LP12 ($12000) which is being delivered to a lucky customer next week!


Introducing the new BOWERS AND WILKINS 700 series

Studio inspired technology and advanced engineering. We had the luxury of seeing and hearing the new line at Cedia in San Diego. They improve on the fantastic CM series by borrowing many technologies implemented in the 800D3 series. 

The new Rosenut finish adds a much richer finish to the speaker as it borrows the same wood-grain characteristics from the 800 line. We have demos ! Come in and have a listen. 

700 series.jpg

Linn's Great Upgrade

All good things must eventually come to an end. The era of the CD player is over: sales of CDs fell by over 10% while streaming saw a 68% rise over the same period last year.

It’s been 8 years since Linn became the first company in the hifi industry to stop producing CD players, and the time has now come to end service support. 

We want to reward these customers for their loyalty and commitment to Linn. We want to offer a path to the higher performance and improved experience of Linn’s latest products. That’s why we are announcing The Great Exchange.

Simply by exchanging your Linn disc player, you will receive a fixed price against any new product, for a limited time only: 

    •    $3,600.00 against any Klimax product

    •    $1,800 against any Akurate product

    •    $900.00 against any Majik product

To ensure the largest possible pool of opportunity, and to give Linn owners flexibility when updating their system, any Linn preamplifier can also be exchanged on the same terms.

Linn’s latest products offer superior performance, access to vast new sources of digital music and features you just won’t find with a CD player: such as Space Optimisation, Multiroom and limitless control options.

This Linn upgrade promotion is only available until August 31st. If you wish to receive more information on the Great exchange simply call us at 519-673-1780 or visit our showroom at 1690 Richmond St., London


If you wish to contact us about your Linn trade-in call us at 519-673-1780 or use the contact form below.

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Yamaha nx500s Network Speakers

These self powered, bi-amped, two way speakers host an array digital and analog inputs plus have an built in DAC and gapless DLNA playback at 24/192 by either Eithernet or WiFi. Built to last, as are all Yamaha, these hefty little speakers sound great and will give you many years of true sound for your system.

SONOS Play:5

With more than 2x the acoustic power of the original, the all-new PLAY:5 delivers the truest sonic wallop you’ve ever experienced. It combines six smartly synced internal speakers with Trueplay tuning to bring you more vivid, full-on sound, no matter how large or wonky the room. 

Bowers and Wilkins 800 D3 Series

The 800 Series Diamond D3 gives you the best possible sound quality in every application, from professional recording to domestic hi-fi and home theatre.

The New D3 series takes speakers to the next level. Pin point accuracy with a impact that can make your toes curl with joy. This ground up re-design has been years in the making

Episode Landscape Series Speakers

Episode® Landscape Series Satellite Speakers are built to expertly blend into the most beautiful outdoor environments, minimizing visual impact and maximizing performance.  Come on in to speak to a London Audio representative to see how they will work for you


Each component in the CX range has been built to excel, to make you re-evaluate what’s audible in your favourite music. Totally focused on getting the very best from your digital sources, the CX range has six components, each a reference point in its class and designed without compromise.Come into London Audio to check out the CXN Network player, the CXC CD transport and the CXA80 intergrated amplifier

Linn Space Optimisation

Leave it to Linn to create a function so needed that we did not think we needed before hand. With the Linn Space Optimisation feature available now on Linn DS systems you will get the best out of your speaker no matter where they are placed in your room. Speakers interact with your surroundings and with this feature takes into account the room and the speaker to deliver the best possible sound