Tannoy Definition Series

Tannoy DC8Ti

For those looking for the ultimate in music and movie sound, Tannoy's Definition series is Tannoy's flagship multichannel loudspeaker range. Definition distils and refines the very essence of Tannoy’s loudspeaker heritage, technology, innovation and acoustic design, into the company’s most accurate, revealing and involving loudspeaker series to date. Blending contemporary style, cutting edge technology and traditional values in a seamless form, the range offers very high efficiency, extreme power handling and thrilling performance. Definition captures the fundamental dynamics of music and movies with ease yet majors on revealing the finest details and effects.

Combining the very latest Dual Concentric drivers, Deep Cryogenically Treated components and precious metal materials in an all-new cabinet craft from the finest ply-woods, Definition pushes the boundaries of sound reproduction in the home.

Exceptional imaging with point-source accuracy, the ability to reveal the finest detail and effects within the most complex soundtrack and breath taking dynamics define the Definition sound. From generating the power and passion of big orchestral scores to communicating the smallest nuances and inflections in dialogues, the Definition range stimulates and inspires.

Tannoy Revolution XT

Revolution XT is the latest development of Tannoy’s most affordable loudspeaker to feature the world renowned Dual Concentric™ driver. The XT is a true ‘revolution’ of the series, featuring an all-new ‘Dual’ with some of the most significant and fundamental design changes in the driver’s near 60-year history. While retaining Revolution’s familiar trapezoid cabinet shape, wide-ranging changes to Revolution XT’s internal design make for a completely new and unique loudspeaker concept.

Tannoy’s pioneering Twin-cavity coupled reflex system and down-firing external port delivers the Revolution series’ most tuneful and musically coherent bass to date, while the integrated plinth further improves transient attack and overall stability. The new Dual, with its Omnimagnet™ motor and class-leading dispersion characteristics, has been partnered with a new series of audiophile grade crossovers to realise the very best performance across the range.

Tannoy Eclipse Series

Tannoy Eclipse Three

Eclipse is Tannoy’s entry-level high fidelity loudspeaker, offering audiophile quality music reproduction at outstanding value for money.

Eclipse drivers are a whole new design, bringing together the smoothness and accuracy of a coated silk dome tweeter with the attack and punch of Tannoy’s renowned high-efficiency mid/bass drivers. The heavily built and braced cabinets use a traditional box design, ported and tuned to work seamlessly with the new drivers. The Eclipse range is finished to exceptional standards throughout with floorstanders benefitting from integrated plinths for stability.

Available in five models, the compact Eclipse One is an ideal bookshelf size loudspeaker and can be stand mounted for peak performance. The Eclipse Two is a compact floorstanding model using the same driver array as the Eclipse One, adding deeper bass extension and improved power handling. The mighty Eclipse Three is the flagship floorstanding model using a D’Apollito driver array in a larger cabinet to combine exceptional music imaging with deep and tuneful bass. The Eclipse Mini and Centre provide a solution for home theatre set ups and multi-channel audio systems. The Mini makes a great rear speaker or can be used as an ultra-compact stereo pair for small listening rooms. Finished in dark yet cool satin black oak and equipped with sturdy gold-plated speaker terminals, Eclipse puts all other budget loudspeakers in the shade.