Sound Values for Your A/V System

The falling price of TVS could mean better sound for your money. Let me be clear   I am not suggesting that the headphone-sized speakers  that are built into TV actually sound good.  However the money you save on a TV can be spent on a great sound system to compliment your video purchase. We are amazed that we  can now install a complete systems for  the same price of just the TV 18 months ago. At the shop we have just received a new 58” Samsung TV that is selling for $2,195.  We can pair this TV with Boston Acoustics Soundware 5.1 system with the  Pioneer VSX919 AV receiver on special at only $949.99. With this combo you can enjoy better picture and sound than with the TV that sold alone for $4,499 only 18 months ago.  You could upgrade the sound system even further using the  higher powered  VSX1019 AV receiver and 5 Boston Acoustics Bravo II speakers with subwoofer at $2,500.00.   Both of these AV receivers come equipped with all the latest connections and features required for Bluray and the newest flat panels, such as HDMI, and auto speaker setup.  Don’t suffer with terrible sound, put the savings on TV back into a quality audio system.

Award winning  Boston Acoustics Soundware EXS51 5.1speaker package Reg $599.00


 Pioneer VSX919 home theatre receiver Reg $599.99


Special package price only $999.99