Size Matters!

In jest I often throw out the phrase: “Real home theatres images are measured in feet not inches.”  Watching movies on a flat panel TV can be very entertaining but it really isn’t “cinematic.”  Even sitting up close to a 65 inch flat panel TV fails to create the larger than life experience we encounter in the movie theatre.  Only truly large screens, on the order of 6 to 12 feet really deliver that same emotional rush.  The great news is that experience can actually cost you LESS than a large flat panel TV.  For example the remarkable Epson Home Cinema 8100 and a basic 100 inch pull-down screen will cost you about the same amount as an entry level 58 inch TV.  Many of you will recognize Runco as the king of the home theatre.  Runco projectors are featured in all the magazines pictured in the top home cinemas.  Their three chip DLP projectors with anamorphic lenses offer simply the best images your money can buy.  While these projectors can cost as much as a car Runco projectors start for as little as $5,500.00 for the Lightstyle LS-3.   This is not light-weight projector. It offers the best colour pallet and contrast under $10,000.00.  The projector getting all the press these days is the Runco Q750i LED projector.  There is no lamp in the Q750i, instead high output red, green and blue LEDs generate the light resulting in a projector that is the  longest lasting and most energy efficient on the market.  Whatever your budget requirements or performance expectations may be,  we have the projection technology to fit the bill. 
The Epson Home Cinema 8100 is a 1080P LCD projector offering a remarkable life-like image. Only $1,879.99
The LS-3 is the most affordable Runco 1080P projector ever produced. It offers the best value of any projector we haver ever offered $5,499.99
The Runco Q750i provides breakthrough performance with a new state of the art LED light engine $16,499.99
For “Extreme” viewing the Runco VX22d with Autoscope lens offers uncompromised performance $65,999.99