"Old in Box"

Before our fiscal year end on June 30th, we hold an inventory reduction sale. We work with our suppliers to find extra savings and some unique values for our customers. This year Bowers and Wikins (B&W) came up with a doozy. A skid of discontinued THX speaker systems turned up in their former warehouse.  They used to share a warehouse with a food distribution company and somehow these were left behind when they moved their new facility.  If you still have a CRT tv these babies are magnetically shielded. The subwoofers are passive so they require a dedicated power amplifier.  The the satellite FCM-8 speakers were $1,300.00 when new, the FCS-8 subwoofers were $1,500ea.  You can pick up either for $500.00. Quantities are limited but the deal is great.

The Bowers and Wikins FCS-8 subs come out of hibernation and find a new home at London AudioThe Bowers and Wilkins FCM-8s can sit on top of the FCS-8 subwoofers, be mounted on stands, in cabinets or on wall.The styling may be a bit dated but the performance of the Bowers and Wilkins THX package still holds its own.