New Wireless Technologies

No one wants to see the wires that connect their AV equipment. They don’t want to see them running across the floor, they don’t want to see them running up their walls and they especially don’t want to see them running across their fireplace to their new flat screen TV.  We broke the umbilical chord with our internet connection, why haven’t we been able to do the same with our AV equipment? 

The problem we have to deal with is the volume of data and speed. Transmitting CD quality audio takes about 4 times as much data per second as a decent internet connection and sending wireless HDMI video takes on the order of a thousand times as much raw data. The other issue is that we want this all to work in real time. We want our song to play continuously, not pause and start and cut in and out. If a webpage takes a couple of seconds to load its tolerable. If your song or tv show pauses for a few seconds  it’s unlistenable.Thankfully there have been some recent breakthroughs in data compression technologies and transmission capabilities that have produced some really remarkable new wireless products for wireless HDMI transmission and wireless music systems.

There are lots of folks that love the look of a flat-screen TV hovering on the wall and they don’t want to see any equipment. Unfortunately in many existing homes it is difficult, expensive and messy to retrofit the HDMI cable necessary for these TVs.  Until a few months ago reliable, high quality solutions didn’t exist... at any price.  No Peeless has changed all that with a product called HD Flow.  You can leave you equipment in a cabinet or closet across the room, or across your house and beam a full 1080p high definition signal wirelessly without noise or interference. Peerless HD Flow sends HDMI video signals wirelessly through your home.

The HD Flow has the added benefit of including an infrared remote control repeater that allows you to control the equipment that you have hidden away on the other side of your home. But if that isn’t enough the HD Flow is also a video switcher that allows you to connect your cable box, bluray and a PC simultaneously for transmission across the house. At $550.00 the Peerless HD flow costs about as much as a 45ft HDMI cable and a remote control repeater. The labour to install it takes only minutes.

I have sung the praises of the Sonos wireless music systems for years. In my opinion it is still the best way to send music around your home. Sonos has expanded their system to include a new wireless speaker called the Play 3. At $330.00 the Play3 is small enough and affordable enough to allow you to have music in any room of your home. With Sonos you can expand your system quickly to up to 32 rooms if you wish.The Sonos Play 3 is the affordable way to build a wireless whole-house music system.

The wireless technology getting the most buzz right now has to be Apple Airplay.  Apple has licensed dozens of electronics manufacturers with Airplay to enable their products to receive music wirelessly from your iPod touch, iPad, iPhone or any computer with iTunes. The iPod docking station has become a relic. There is no need to tether your iPod with cables. You can have it in your pocket and send music to your AV receiver, bookshelf music system or even clock radio using your existing wi-fi network.  There is no special software to install or complicated configuration to perform. Just connect to your network and you can have your entire music library at our disposal in any room.

It is becoming a brave new wireless world in the electronics industry. The ability to send high quality audio and video without wires has reduced the time and mess necessary for many applications. For some, it opens the door to install electronics in locations never before possible.

The Denon AVR-2112 is part of a new breed of audio equipment licensed with Apple Airplay technology.