McIntosh Home Theatre


 The new McIntosh home theatre system is made in the USA and is  aimed at those looking for the very best your money can buy. The McIntosh MX150 is the Holy Grail of home theatre.  It is a surround sound processor designed for discerning audiophiles and is the best built product around. It is capable of correcting the acoustics of any room and provides  the ideal listening experience for a single listener or the best experience possible for multiple listeners.  While simple correction processing is available on many surround products only McIntosh offers the  Lyndorf “Room Perfect” processing capable of providing the  studio grade room correction necessary to satisfy audiophiles.  The new MVP881 BR Universal A/V Player from McIntosh is a high performance Blu-ray player with web-enabled features that excels at playing SACD and DVD Audio discs as well as standard CD’s and DVD’s. Also noteworthy is an all-metal disc mechanism; set in a heavy, damped base, this disc mechanism is quiet running, highly accurate and features a cast-aluminum disc tray.  These new leading edge components can be matched with any number of high quality Mcintosh power amplifiers to create a state-of-the art home theatre and music system.   For 60 years McIntosh has defined the best your money can buy. The performance of this system must be experienced to be truly appreciated.

MX-150 Surround Processor with Lyndorf “Room Perfect” room correction capability. 
MVP881 Blu-ray player with SACD and DVD-A capability 
Partner these components with any number of McIntosh power amplifiers to create a state of the art home theatre.