Back yard entertaining

Back yard entertaining encompasses more than a game of lawn darts these days.  Properties are literally turning inside-out as we create kitchen and living room spaces in our back yards.  The hardware store hibachi has given way to built-in stainless steel grills and our folding patio chairs have been replaced with outdoor sofas and lounges.
As we spend more time enjoying our back yards the demand for advanced outdoor electronic entertainment has increased. A transistor radio playing the ball game will no longer suffice.  The electronic systems can include simple background music, outdoor televisions, landscape lighting, architectural lighting, pool and spa control and even outdoor home theatres.
Outcast Speaker- The Outcast wireless speaker is the life of the party. It can fill most back yards with full-range sound for an entire day on a single charge.The appropriate audio solution for your back yard will depend on the size of space you wish to cover and the fidelity you desire.  The smallest and simplest solution would be a battery powered wireless speaker like the Jambox by Jawbone. This Blue-Tooth equipped speaker can stream music wirelessly from almost every cel-phone, tablet and iPod made today. With a 10 hour charge it can last the whole day. It is best considered a “personal” audio solution and  cover a table or pool-side lounge with music.
If you wish to cover a complete patio the Outcast wireless speakers are capable of covering over a thousand square feet with their omni-directional sound.  A small column the size of a scuba tank, the Outcast is equipped with high frequency speakers in a circular array. An eight inch or six inch downward firing woofer (depending on model) provides rich deep bass for a broad area. Outcast is capable of streaming music from inside your home for analogue sources, a computer or iPod. An optional Bluetooth adaptor makes Outcast compatible with almost all personal audio devices.
If you wish to cover a REALLY large space Sonance has introduced their Landscape series of speakers which provides a number of small satellite speakers that look like landscape lights paired with a subwoofer that isFor really large yards the Sonance LS series landscape speakers can be distributed amongst the plants and gardens to provide rich sound everywhere concealed underground.  Using direct burial wiring the Landscape system can expand to cover a yard of any size with even, rich and detailed music. Best of all the speakers completely disappear into the gardens and foliage.
The demand for outdoor entertaining has expanded to include outdoor video as well as audio. You can enjoy a double-header from the comfort of your hot-tub, keep up with the Canadian open while you entertain your golf buddies.  Truly waterproof TVs are available in sizes from 15 to 65 inches. They can be mounted outdoors and left fully exposed 12 months of the year. They are designed for maximum light output to provide daytime viewing and maintenance requires little more than hosing them off.
You can create mamoth building- sized images in your back yard with today's projector and screen technology.When the sun sets you can expand your video offerings to gigantic proportions. Do you still reminisce about your visits to the drive-in?  Create your own outdoor cinema with a high output projector and weatherproof screen.  You can enjoy barn-sized images right in your back yard. Outdoor screens are available in several different flavours. The most popular is a retractable screen with either crank or motorized operation. If there is no soffet our wall to mount the screen then motorized pop-up screens can provide a dramatic picture rising out of the ground. For a portable solution inflatable projection screens with tethers allow you to pop up a temporary image anywhere you can find power.  Your back yard allows you to enjoy the cinema in even greater scale than your own home.
Entertaining in your backyard  now includes not only furniture and appliances that are the equal of what you have in your home but electronics as well.  You can enjoy your music, sporting events and movies with the same fidelity and comfort as your living room.