NVR600V Series Recorders


Affordable, small form factor IP Camera Network recorder for residential and small office use. The 600V series of IC Realtime NVR’s is the entry level for IP Camera storage devices. The 600V footprint is about the size of a toaster, while still having room for 2 full size HDDs, and a 4 port integrated POE switch. Say farewell to complex IP based configurations and setup with IC Realtime’s ‘Plug-and-Play’ solution for IP Cameras. Each 600V series is equipped with a POE switch which will not only power cameras, but assign IP addresses automatically, and segregate all of the IP Video Streaming data in order to prevent issues when integrating with the existing network infrastructure. Beyond this, the NVR600V series comes standard with HDMI outputs, Alarm I/O’s, and two-way talk, making it a fully featured Network Video Recorder. Due to the small size and affordable cost, typical deployments for the NVR600V series of NVR’s include: Small offices, small to medium business, gas stations, restaurants, residences, etc. Like all IC Realtime series recorders, this device utilizes H.264E (Enhanced H.264) compression technology, enabling crisp image viewing with the least bandwidth consumption possible. This unit adopts an embedded system design, as well as a Linux Operating System, resulting in high levels of stability, performance, and most importantly: reliability. In addition, this unit is fully operational from remote locations (Search/Playback/Backup/Configuration) over standard Ethernet networks.

Available in 6-, 8- and 16-channel models