ToneCase Hardwood Cabinets

ToneCase Hardwood Cabinets utilize Leon’s renowned design and craftsmanship to stylize and conceal SONOS speakers. Available in three sizes, ToneCase Hardwood Cabinets are built specifically for the SONOS PLAY:1, PLAY:3 and PLAY:5. Handcrafted out of solid White Oak or Black Walnut, these cabinets are sized to house the SONOS speakers while leaving access for all controls and wire management. The solid hardwood cabinet and handstretched fabric grills further add a richness to the tonality of the speakers, elevating the overall sonic experience.



• Solid hardwood cabinet sized to specific speaker
• Handstretched black fabric grill cloth
• Interior dampening material for increased performance
• Tc1S and Tc3S available with articulating wall-mount bracket



• Tc1S: 7.75″ (h) x 6″ (w) x 5.5″ (d)
• Tc3S: 6.5″ (h) x 12″ (w) x 7.25″ (d)
• Tc5S: 10″ (h) x 16″ (w) x 5.5″ (d)