Laser Shot has designed home range shooting simulator systems for the consumer market to be purchased in a number of convenient ways. From mounted high tech, high dollar systems designed for custom home theatersto small ultra-short throw projectors and complete portable systems that require no installation for the weekend warrior man cave.

The differences between systems are the features and price options of computers, projectors, screens, sound, firearms, software and peripherals.

To enjoy a Laser Shot Home Range, one requires the proprietary Laser Shot Laser Detection Camera, Sim Firearms and Software. Other hardware components to include a gaming computer (with minimum specification), video projector, speakers and screen.

Once the hardware configuration is decided, this allows the consumer the opportunity to purchase either a Firearm/Software Package designed by Laser Shot or to build a custom Firearm/Software Package to their needs and/or liking.

In addition to installed systems for home range shooting and theater options, Laser Shot offers turn-key portable home range simulators that have all the features in one complete package.

The choice and options are yours. It’s serious training and fun entertainment for the entire family! 

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