Imagine all of your favorite movies at your fingertips. Imagine breathtaking audio and video fidelity. Imagine the lights dimming automatically and your movie playing instantly without the distraction of previews, menus or ads. With products from Kaleidescape you do not have to imagine. All that and more is available. Instant movie collection access with true resolution and audio. No more searching through piles of cases looking for the movie you want to watch. At a press of a button your collection is on the screen to be search anyway you want and start without previews or warnings.



The best way to discover and enjoy the movies that matter to you—in the comfort of your home and in the astonishing quality you expect from your premium theater components. Alto provides instant access to up to 100 Blu-ray quality or 600 DVD quality movies downloaded from the Kaleidescape Store, without the inconvenience of purchasing and handling discs. Alto makes it easy and enjoyable to share an amazing cinematic experience with friends and family.



A Kaleidescape server stores an exact digital copy of your Blu-ray Discs, DVDs and CDs and streams movies and music across your household Ethernet to players throughout your home. Kaleidescape's proprietary RAID-K technology protects against data loss. Multiple servers can work together to store thousands of movies and albums as a single collection.



The fast and easy way to add movies and music to your Kaleidescape System. You simply insert as many discs as you like, and walk away. Your Kaleidescape disc vault does the rest. Your discs are automatically copied onto your Kaleidescape System and are ready to be enjoyed throughout your home. Once copied onto your Kaleidescape System, a Blu-ray Disc must remain in the disc vault to enable playback of the copy on the server.

 Kaleidescape App for iPad


The Kaleidescape App for iPad provides an immersive experience for browsing and searching your collection of movies and music. The app extends the Kaleidescape experience to the iPad, displaying your movie collection with vivid high-resolution cover art, synopses, and other details. It even puts the most memorable moments in movies right at your fingertips - just select a scene or song marked by Kaleidescape, and it plays instantly on your TV.