Powerful Outdoor Audio Performance

Episode Landscape Series Satellite Speakers expertly blend into outdoor environments, minimizing visual impact and maximizing performance. Premium components deliver a full, natural sound and crystal-clear highs for a superior performance that’s unmatched by the competition – and at a fraction of the cost, they only sound expensive. Wide dispersion ensures a more uniform coverage area with fewer “hot spots,” and for added versatility, a hidden tap switch allows the speaker to be configured for 70V or 8-ohm systems. 

Important Note: These speakers require one of our four compatible mounting accessories: ES-LS-MOUNT-BOXES-LS-MOUNT-SURFACEES-LS-MOUNT-TREE, or ES-LS-STAKE.

Flexible Mounting Options
On the ground, in a tree, or underneath an eave – this speaker can be easily mounted in a variety of places for perfect coverage and performance. The ½” threaded mount is designed to work with outdoor lighting accessories, including our line of landscape speaker mounts.

Responsive Tweeter(s)
Project sound precisely where you want it. Our 4” and 6” satellites feature an ultra-responsive ¾” aluminum dome tweeter to more accurately reproduce and disperse high frequencies across any space, while the triple tweeter array on the 8” Landscape speakers is made of high-quality titanium, and allows for a robust 120° of sound dispersion.

Twice The Toughness
The high stiffness and strength of our speaker arm makes these satellites more durable than ever.* POM-engineered thermoplastic is water-resistant and can withstand extreme temperatures without compromising the arm’s mechanical properties. *8" model features brass insert in speaker arm, for additional durability.

Adjustable Volume
Regulating sound outdoors can be tricky - nobody wants speakers blasting behind an intimate seating arrangement, or playing at a low volume in far corners of the outdoor space. When used in 70V mode, the Episode Landscape Series gives you adjustable volume control at every speaker. Plus the switch is conveniently located inside the watertight rear cover, so it’s easily accessible even after the speakers are installed. 

Broad Coverage
Our satellite speakers are optimized to excel outdoors. They have a wide dispersion angle with up to 120 degrees of coverage*, in order to project incredible sound, right where you want it. *4" and 6" models have a 110° dispersion angle, while the 8" model offers a 120° dispersion angle.

Built to Withstand Weather
An outdoor speaker should be able to stand up to tough weather. That’s why this one was torture tested to extreme temperatures, from -20° to 185°Fahrenheit. Three feet of heavy-duty, burial-rated 16/2 cable and silicone-filled waterproof wire nuts are included in the box, ensuring that this speaker will live a long, trouble-free life in any outdoor setting.

Want More Bass?
Get increased performance and precision sound by adding an Episode Landscape Series Burial Subwoofer to your speaker system. Equipped with a beefy 12” woofer, it hits the low notes underground for earthshattering performance. For aboveground sound, the Episode Landscape Series Hardscape Subwoofer brings the boom. Whether it’s on the lawn or the deck, this powerful 10” sealed sub elevates every outdoor gathering. 

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The Episode Landscape Series Speakers

Powerful Outdoor Audio Performance


Flexible Mounting Options

On the ground, in a tree or underneath the eave.

The Burial Subwoofer is concealed below ground to minimize the impact on your landscaping.