TALK Electronics is a UK based designer and manufacturer of multi award winning value     Hi-Fi equipment. For nearly 20 years they have striven to design and manufacture some     of the world’s finest value for money high fidelity equipment. Establishing their own     in house manufacturing facilities, uniquely they do ALL of their own industrial design,     analogue and digital electronic design, surface mount and thru hole PCB assembly,     final product assembly and all Audio Precision based production testing. In fact,     the only part they don’t do is the casework. Indeed so adept are their skills and facilities     that they now do design and assembly work for several other Hi-Fi manufacturers. They are inevitably very proud of their achievements and so confident are they in their processes     that they offer a minimum 5  year guarantee on all their products. So if you are looking     for great sounding, high value, award winning, reliable equipment with some of the     best customer support out there, you have just found it. Welcome to the world of     TALK, where all they ask is that you listen and believe.



The TT1 has been designed to offer a great value/performance ratio and they believe     makes an ideal ‘first’ turntable for enthusiasts who are either just starting out     or returning to vinyl  after dabbling in the digital world.

It has several upgrade options, like a ruby bearing option , aluminium inner     platter with polished spindle along with arm upgrades such as their new rear spigot     and counterweight assembly. All these together go to upgrade the TT1 to the complete     TT2 specification.